Tutoring for Students in Uptown Toronto

Mindspring was born in 1992 out of the desire to provide that “little bit extra” for young learners. For some, this entails tutoring in math, for others it means remedial teaching in reading, and yet for many, it might mean enrichment, mentoring,  exam preparation, or essay writing.

Tutoring & Academic Support

We provide individualized tutoring and academic support in reading, writing, math, science, and all subjects from grades one through twelve.

Remediation & Special Education

We provide expert and caring remedial instruction in reading, writing and math,  for students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention-deficit disorder, executive functioning skills, and giftedness.

Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

We provide  coaching, instruction and support for students with needs in executive functioning skills so they can  develop more effective academic habits such as study skills, time management, organization, and self-advocacy.

SSAT Preparation

We specialize in preparing students to write the SSAT and other admissions exams to private and independent schools.

‘Ace Math’ Tutors

Our “Ace Math” tutors are specialists in Mathematics  and provide expert teaching and support from grades 1 through to grade 12.

Virtual Tutoring

We provide all tutorials and services  in all subjects on a virtual platform.

Expert Tutoring That Makes a Difference

Since 1992, Mindspring Centre for Higher Learning has provided excellence in individualized academic instruction for children in grades one through twelve.


School can be challenging. We’re able to help.