Tutoring & Academic Support

tutoringThe classroom curriculum often moves very quickly for many students, and teachers don’t always have the time to provide extra help or support for those in need. Whether the subject is grade four mathematics, grade ten English literature, or grade twelve Biology, we can set up a program to help your child understand and consolidate the concepts and skills necessary for that subject. We can address all  subjects, and also specialize in delivering individualized instruction in reading, writing, math and science.

Reading and Writing: If your child is learning to read, or reading to learn, our reading programs are specially designed to address any or all of the following skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension strategies, giving your child the tools to be an effective reader. We also provide grade-appropriate and needs-appropriate instruction in the following foundation writing skills: sentence structure, paragraphing, grammar, spelling, the writing process, development of essays and other forms of writing. We are able to provide instruction for students in both English and French Immersion streams.

‘Ace Math’ and Science: Through the use of manipulatives, games, pencil and paper, and other instructional approaches, we help young students learn basic math concepts and facts. We provide instruction for elementary pupils for all strands identified by the Ontario Ministry of Education curricula guidelines. For high school students, our focus is to teach, review, and reinforce the more challenging aspects of the math curriculum, such as algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. As well, we provide expert and individualized instruction in all strands of the science curriculum. For students who require enrichment programming in these subjects, an evaluation is first carried out, and then a program to suit the child’s needs and interests is carefully designed and implemented.

French Language: We provide individualized tutorials for students enrolled in Core French and French Immersion  programs at the elementary and  secondary levels. If your child needs support or remediation in reading, writing, comprehension, and grammar, our lessons are carefully designed to target and strengthen these core skills. Secondary students will benefit from our expertise and  assistance with literary studies and essays, while those wishing to enrich their linguistic and cultural abilities, will enjoy our unique approach.

Remediation/ Special Education

consultationFor more than 25 years, we have been developing and implementing comprehensive individual education programs to specifically address the learning needs of students of all ages. We have great expertise in providing remediation for youngsters with learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention-deficit disorders, executive functioning skills, and giftedness.

We start out by doing a needs-evaluation, and as we deliver our carefully planned lessons, we monitor progress, modify our goals and lessons if necessary, and communicate with parents along the way. We address remedial skills by delivering direct instruction programs in reading, writing, spelling, and math , as well as provide assistance in study skills, organization, and time management.

In situations where parents have a psycho-educational assessment, we liaise with examiners and/or school personnel   to coordinate our program with the school curriculum, offering recommendations, support, and assistance for parents so that they can work more effectively with their children in the home setting as well as with their home school.

Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

1347235907_student-with-tutor-smallThe best way for students to become successful in their studies is to learn effective study habits. In order to do so, they must first learn to identify which habits promote success, and then be guided to develop a clear vision of how to accomplish their goals. Through weekly one to one sessions, we help learners develop the foundation skills critical for success in school, and life-long learning and living!

We focus our tutorials on effective study strategies, note-taking, time management, memory building, test-taking, critical thinking skills, and self-advocacy. Sessions may also focus on reading comprehension strategies and essay writing. Students also learn how they feel most comfortable studying, and what modalities and approaches may best facilitate their path towards academic success.

Sessions can be delivered as isolated lessons or as skills-building tutorials that utilize the current school program as a vehicle for the instruction. Whichever model is chosen, students are closely monitored to ensure that they are not only learning these core skills, but are also transferring them over to their daily studies.

SSAT Preparation

Most independent and private schools in Ontario require an entrance exam. These are administered under the premise that they measure a student’s ability, and predict how s/he will perform in school. To some extent, an entrance exam does, in fact, measure how well a student can take the test.

remediationThe SSAT is used by many private schools as part of the admissions process. It assesses a students’ language and math skills. For information regarding the SSAT, visit www.ssat.org/ontario . Some schools use the ISEE exam, which is similar to the SSAT, while other institutions use standardized tests, in-house exams , and/or the SSAT.

We provide instruction for the SSAT, ISEE, standardized tests, and in-house school exams.
Our programs are individualized and focus on teaching students the exact concepts, skills, and strategies they need to succeed on the exam.
Through exercises, targeted homework, on-going feedback, and practice tests, students are exposed to lots and lots of practice.

We motivate students and build the confidence they need for the day of the big exam.
After participating in exam prep tutorials, most students take away enhanced skills that they can apply to their on-going studies… i.e. they know how to break down a difficult reading passage, construct a thesis paragraph, and solve math problems more easily.

Virtual On-line Tutoring and Programs

Virtual tutoring takes the traditional model of a teacher-tutor assisting a student in a particular subject or program, and puts the interaction on-line. Basically, it is the same traditional tutorial between a teacher and student but  in a virtual environment. The use of  great technological features  such an screen share, annotation and virtual whiteboards further enhance the effectiveness of tutorials,  enabling the delivery of customized lessons.  Our teachers do the same individualized  evaluation, planning and teaching in an on-line tutorial as they do in a live setting. Parents and students who choose on-line tutoring, value the convenience of having the service in their own home without having to drive anywhere. All our programs, tutoring, and services can be arranged for on-line delivery.

Consultancy & Advocacy

Parents in need of guidance, support or advice, are welcome to meet with our Centre Director for consultations regarding their child’s learning needs. Consultations can entail a review of their child’s current school placement/program, recommendations regarding appropriate school options, special education programming, educational assessments, advocacy and support through the IEP/IPRC process, coaching regarding different learning needs/disabilities, and referrals to professionals in the education community.

We also carry out educational assessments to help parents understand their child’s strengths and learning needs. Educational assessments typically target the following areas: reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, and all strands of the mathematics curriculum. Assessments are tailor-made to help parents in their decision-making regarding school placement, advocacy, remediation, tutoring, etc. Other skills/ needs can also be evaluated , and if needed, referrals for full-scale psychoeducational assessments are provided.

“One good teacher is worth a thousand books.”

Ancient Proverb

Every child is unique. While there are so many differences among children, the one common element is their desire to learn,  succeed and  feel good about themselves.

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