Children and parents love  Mindspring because we provide expert instruction, we care, and we are truly dedicated….please read on!

“As the end of the school year nears, we would like to take this opportunity to express to you our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the work you have done in helping Rio with his studies. Your initial suggestion that Rio get tested was the catalyst in Rio’s road to educational success, and we will be forever grateful for your insight, knowledge and care. Rio has taken huge educational strides in the past couple of months, his self-esteem has increased by leaps and bounds and he finally likes going to school again.  We both feel that you are, by and large, responsible for all this – you’ve given him back his pride and his desire to learn.” – Mr. and Mrs. Cinelli

“I chose the plaque for you, with Scott.  You are indeed a “willing heart”, and inspire others to tackle the impossible.  I gave Rob once which read, “Prepare the child for the path, not the path for child”.  This has always been our goal for Scott.  We count ourselves blessed to have had so much excellent help and council.  Scott has the opportunity to succeed because of all the talent and hard work of people like you and your staff…..Both Rob and I can see the growth.  One just has to look at the story Scott wrote for you last summer….and without Suzanne’s help, he’d have had a gruesome time with some of his math….Scott has faced many fears and had so much support from people like you and Suzanne.  We thank God that you both became known to us and thank you for all your time, care, and hard work.” –  Mr. and Mrs. R. T.

“Meeting you and your wonderful staff has been an experience our family will never forget.  It has been a very challenging year for all of us,  and you and  your teachers have been an anchor in our lives…We cannot thank you enough.”   – Diane R.

“We owe you and your staff a great deal for Ryan’s continued enthusiasm and desire to work.  You have given Ryan not only skills but a respect and level of caring that has helped him thrive.”–   Kate B.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Will.  You have given him back his self-confidence and given him bravery to keep trying.  Most of all, you’ve shown us the light in what seemed a very dark tunnel.  We’ll never forget it, and wish you the best always.” – Kim B.

“Luca came to Eve and her centre when he was struggling learning to read. His self-esteem had hit rock bottom, and by the time he entered grade three, he really hated school. Although he resisted the whole idea of tutoring, once he met the teachers at Eve’s centre and began to become a better reader, he saw that he could do it. Today he is an avid reader and takes great pride in his accomplishments. Lucas and I owe a big thank you to the amazing folks at Mindspring!” – Michelle S.

“So I passed my grade 11 Functions Math exam with a pretty good score,  and I have Helena to thank for that. I never understood math until Helena taught it to me in smaller steps, and learning proper notation did not hurt (even though I still don’t like notation!)– William C.

“Thank you, Eve, for helping Emma prepare for her SSAT’s. She was offered a spot at all three school where she applied, and ended up having a choice of where to go. We could not have done it without you and your dedicated group of tutors. I will be back with my younger one in a couple of years!” – Jordana K.

“When Liliana started with you, she could not find her socks, her homework, nor her assignments! That girl was disorganized and lost. The academic coaching sessions you provided, gave Liliana a structure that she had never learned on her own before. Remember her resistance to using an agenda? It is hard to believe that this girl is now having a successful first year in university…. I appreciate all the coaching and caring guidance you gave her in  high school.” – Marlene W.

“One good teacher is worth a thousand books.”

Ancient Proverb

Every child is unique. While there are so many differences among children, the one common element is their desire to learn,  succeed and  feel good about themselves.

“I have learned so much these years that I really don’t know what I would have done without you. Did you ever think that I could be such a success?  I sure didn’t!  Thanks for all your patience and understanding.  And yes, I did proofread this card! That is one great skill that I learned from you.  Annoying, but amazing!” – Gwen S.

“We cannot begin to thank you enough for another year of rewarding tutoring for Scott.  When we think back to the level Scott was at when he started with you in grade six, we find it absolutely awe-inspiring to realize the level of achievement he has reached in language arts.  You have provided him with such a sound base of knowledge that it has resounded positively in every area of his life. Due to your expertise, professionalism, and kind ways, Scott has thrived and progressed academically far beyond what we had  hoped for.  We are blessed to have you and your incredible staff in our lives.  ….” – Nancy Reynolds

“I can’t believe I’ve actually finished highschool!  Without you, I don’t know how I could have done the IB English!  You have been a teacher, a guide, a friend, and a mentor to me.  I can’t believe I spent the first few years resisting your help!  You have taught me how to write, organize my thoughts, approach exams with confidence, and get my ideas out in a much better way.  You’ve helped me feel good about myself and my abilities.  You have been such an important part of my life, and a big influence of what I have become academically.  Thank you for your patience, skill, and caring over the past few years, and for not giving up on me when I was difficult.” – Asher Kirshenbaum

“It’s hard to believe this is David’s last session with you after so many years.  I want to thank you for the coaching you’ve provided to David – you helped him make great strides in his approach to his studies.  Without doubt, he also enjoyed his sessions with you and Rose – never needing any prodding to get there!”  – Rosemary L.

“I just wanted to let you know that Lucy was offered a spot at UTS, and we are delighted! Thank you for all your hard work and care with Lucy.  You may be sure that if she has any trouble, we’ll be back.  Thanks for everything!” – Nora U.

“It seems impossible to believe that it was two years ago that we came you, desperate for help with Susan.  Now that we have decided to try to let Susan “fly on her own”, we wanted to tell you how pleased we are with her progress and your efforts on her behalf.  You have helped us through some extremely difficult times and provided both emotional and academic support.  It is gratifying to compare her written papers at the beginning to those written now, and to also be witness to her improvement in math.  We are also pleased to see that she has become more self-motivated and confident.  ……Thank you for your support and help.  Children in need of special help are fortunate that there are Eve Crawford’s and Mindspring teachers in this world.”  – Susan & Katie